Philosophy and Religious Studies

In the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies graduate education helps students gain the ability to access, evaluate, and interpret information by doing scientific research.

Our aim is to train students who (1) gain the competence to conduct scientific research in the branches of science within the scope of the department, (2) have knowledge of the problems of their field and can produce solutions to them, (3) adopt scientific thought and ethics, and (4) have the qualities of questioning, development, productivity and participation in academic matters, in order to carry out scientific research, to produce scientific results and to share them with the relevant parties in order to find solutions to the problems of society in philosophy and religious sciences, and to contribute to scientific knowledge.

Our department provides master's and Ph.D. degrees under the Institute of Graduate Education.

In the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, there are a total of 23 academic staff; including 8 professors, 1 associate professor, 6 assistant professors, and 8 research assistants. Our department consists of 8 main branches:

Religious Education

Philosophy of Religion

Psychology of Religion

Sociology of Religion

History of Religions

History of Philosophy

Islamic Philosophy


MA Programs

Philosophy and Religious Studies

PhD Programs

Philosophy and Religious Studies

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