Islamic History and Arts

The aim of the Department of Islamic History and Arts is to discuss the history of the religion of Islam from its rising period to the present, and to examine the main political, social, cultural, literary, and artistic events that took place in the history of Islam. Besides, its aim is to train students who (1) gain the competence to conduct scientific research within the scope of the departmental sections, (2) have knowledge of the problems of the field and can produce solutions to them, (3) adopt the rules of scientific thought and ethics, and (4) have the qualities of questioning, improving, productivity, and participation in academic subjects.

The department supports the use of Western languages as well as Arabic and Ottoman Turkish required in interdisciplinary studies. Another aim of the Department of Islamic History and Arts is to deal with Islamic history and civilization in all its aspects, to conduct scientific research at undergraduate and graduate levels in order to contribute to scientific knowledge, to produce scientific results, and to share them with the relevant sides.

Our department provides master's and Ph.D. degrees under the Institute of Graduate Education.

In the Department of Islamic History and Arts, there are a total of 13 academic staff; including 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 2 lecturers, and 6 research assistants. Our department consists of 4 main branches:

Islamic History

Turkish-Religious Music

Turkish-Islamic Literature

History of Turkish-Islamic Arts

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