General Information

Hitit University Faculty of Divinity provides higher education in the field of religious sciences in Turkey. In our faculty, the education period is 5 years, including the compulsory preparatory class, and the language of education is Turkish. With the education in our faculty, it is aimed to train highly educated and competent students in the field of Islamic Sciences and Religious Studies. Compulsory and elective courses in the fields of Arabic, Quran Reading and Tajwid, Tafsir, Hadith, Islamic Law, History of Sufism, History of Islamic Sects, Kalam, Islamic Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Sociology of Religion, Psychology of Religion, Religious Education, History of Religions, History of Philosophy, Logic, Turkish and Islamic History, Turkish-Islamic Literature, Turkish-Islamic Arts History, and Religious Music are offered by the instructors who are experts in their fields.

Full-time education is implemented in the faculty, and the courses start at 8.30 AM and are completed at 10.20 PM. As of 2022, the teaching staff consists of 79 instructors; including 22 Professors, 10 Associate Professors, 13 Assistant Professors (2 foreign nationals), 6 Doctor Instructors, 8 Lecturers, 6 Doctor Research Assistants, 14 Research Assistants.

The academic structure of Hitit University Faculty of Divinity consists of three departments: Department of Basic Islamic Sciences, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, and Department of Islamic History and Arts. When graduating from our faculty, students receive a diploma as graduates of the Faculty of Divinity (as in other Divinity faculties in Turkey), not from one of the departments. Under the Institute of Graduate Education at Hitit University, master’s and doctorate degrees are offered in the Departments of Basic Islamic Sciences, Tafsir, Islamic Law, Kalam, Hadith, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Islamic History, and Arts.

As of the 2021-2022 academic year, our faculty has moved to its new building on the main campus and provides educational services in two 4-storey buildings with an 18,500 m2 closed area. Our faculty has good facilities in terms of social and academic fields. It is at the service of academic staff and students with a conference hall for 135 people, 2 computer laboratories, 9 lecture halls, 13 classrooms, 4 graduate classrooms, 2 meeting rooms, 1 music hall, 1 art studio, 1 student activity center, and male/female prayer rooms.

Faculty Library: It is located at the central library located on the north campus and has periodicals and books, mostly on religious and social sciences. Our library consists of approximately 25 thousand volumes of books and journals donated by the late Prof. Hasan Katipoğlu, Mürsel Şahinbaş, and Mahir Özceylan, as well as by IMVAK, the Turkish Religious Foundation Islamic Studies Center (ISAM) and other benefactors. The books ordered according to the Dewey-Decimal Classification system are presented to the readers and researchers with an open shelf system. In addition, thanks to the program launched by ISAM, readers can access our library to the imprint information of 882 thousand volumes of books belonging to 102 libraries, including the Süleymaniye Library and the Center for Islamic Studies (ISAM).

Dining Hall: Located at a walking distance of approximately 50 meters from our faculty, the detached dining hall offers students the opportunity to get together and spend their time outside the classroom. Lunch is served throughout the year, and lecturers and students can benefit from this service.

Social and Cultural Activities: Students can organize activities for academic and cultural purposes according to their interests through the student clubs they have established. A peer-reviewed scientific journal is published twice a year by our faculty. Our journal, Hitit Theology Journal, which has been published regularly since 2002, includes scientific studies of academics and researchers from across the country in the fields of theology and social sciences.